Planning on buying your first home is an exciting thing.  The key word is “planning”.   Preparing and planning using these 4 steps will make your experience more pleasant with quicker results…

1)  Talk to a lender.  A lender can quickly determine what you can afford and will answer questions regarding monthly payments, down payment, and closing costs.

2)  Start saving.  Most mortgages today require that the buyer use their own funds for at least some of the closing costs and down payment.  There are lots of lending options but some money will be required.

3)  Keep your credit stable.  This is the time to pull in the purchases.  New credit cards or new major purchases should be put on hold until after you have closed on your new home.

4)  Meet with a Realtor.  Real estate agents have valuable resources for every step of the way.   Your Realtor can offer guidance on which lenders offer services best suited for your individual needs along with supporting you through the home looking, buying and closing processes.