Maintaining your septic system is extremely important whether you plan to sell your home or not.  Hiring a licensed inspector annually to inspect your septic system for preventative maintenance is far less expensive than repairing or replacing a failing or non-compliant system.  Having a certificate of compliance along with a maintenance schedule will also improve your home value and ease of sale in the event you decide to put your home on the market.

Along with annual inspections, knowing how to treat your septic system will largely affect its longevity.  Your septic system contains living organisms naturally found in human waste that digest and treat the waste in your septic system.

Remember; do not put anything in your septic system that will not easily decompose. This includes:

  • Avoid washing food scraps down your drain with a garbage disposal
  • Egg shells or coffee grinds down the drain
  • Do not flush tampons, sanitary items or diapers, dental floss, kitty litter or paper towels
  • Do not flush medication
  • Do not dispose of any hazardous household chemicals
  • Limit your use of anti-biotic soaps, drain cleaners, disinfectants, and bleach that can destroy the helpful bacteria in your septic system.

Although there are many products available that claim to help your septic system work better, there have not been extensive studies on the effectiveness of these products.  Most inspectors and engineers think that additives are unnecessary and can even potentially damage your system.

Along with taking care of what goes in to your system, also do not put anything on your system that could interfere with your septic systems performance.

  • Do not plant trees or shrubs whose roots can interfere with the drainage on or near your system
  • Do not park or drive on your system
  • Do not build anything on your system
  • Do not lay asphalt or concrete over the top of your system
  • In the winter, do not pack or pile snow on your system

Following these tips for maintaining a healthy and working septic system will help you to have long lasting working septic system that is healthy for your family and your environment.